Review: Sushi House Unico’s dishes capture wide range of cuisines


Photo credit: Meredith Ho

This is the famous truffle pasta from Sushi House Unico located in Beverly Glen Circle. It was creamy and had the perfect texture. This was my favorite dish of the night.

By Meredith Ho, Senior Reporter

If you happen to be strolling around the Beverly Glen Circle at night, you will likely notice a bustling restaurant right in front of you. This is Shu, a small restaurant located in Los Angeles, known for its high-quality Japanese food, incredible ambiance and efficient service.

Stepping into the restaurant, my mom and I were immediately greeted by the sounds of the sushi chefs’ warm welcome and the lively chatter of customers. It was 8 p.m. on a Sunday, and there was a long queue of people waiting to be seated. Even though we made a reservation, we joined the line and waited for 30 minutes. After our names were called, we were finally seated in the bar area where we could see the chefs preparing everyone’s sushi.

Shu is no ordinary sushi restaurant, as its menu is filled with a mixture of Japanese, Italian and Mexican dishes. From a wide variety of sashimi to Japanese-style tacos and pasta, my expectations were high. I was excited to try a mixture of cuisines that I had never tasted before. My mom and I ordered the spider roll, the sea urchin sushi, the spicy tuna roll and the famous truffle pasta.

The food came in 10 minutes. Each dish was plated in an organized way that made the food look appetizing. I tried the spider roll first. It contained lightly fried soft-shell crab, avocado and cucumber with a side of ponzu sauce. I was struck by the contrasting flavors and textures. The warm and savory soft-shell crab provided a nice crunch that complemented the smooth and creamy avocado and cucumber.

The next dish I ate was the sea urchin sushi, also known as uni. The sushi had a soft and creamy taste to it, and it had a perfect balance of both sweet and salty, which I loved. I thought the uni tasted very fresh as it melted into my mouth, which made me feel confident that I was eating fresh ingredients.

Then, my mom and I tried the spicy tuna roll. The dish is made with fresh tuna, spicy mayo, cucumber and jalapeño. The roll was a bit too spicy for me because of the jalapeño and spicy tuna, and I could tell that it was a mixture of Mexican and Japanese ingredients that brought out the spice. My mom enjoyed it a lot and thought it had a bold taste.

For the grand finale, it was time to try the restaurant’s signature truffle pasta. The pasta had a creamy sauce to it, and it was topped off with truffle flakes. At first, I didn’t expect too much of this pasta since it was an uncommon dish at a Japanese restaurant, but my mom and I finally took a bite of it and were surprised and amazed by its texture and flavorful taste. The combination of the sauce and the truffle was perfect, and the dish exceeded my expectations. We completely devoured the pasta and finished dinner on a high note.

Overall, my dinner experience at Shu was incredible. The service was efficient and the food quality was top-notch. My favorite dish was the truffle pasta, and I would definitely order it again if I went back. Next time, I would try going earlier in the evening, as the line would be less long and crowded. I would absolutely recommend my family and friends to try out Shu’s extraordinary dishes. I can’t wait to go back and see what more they have to offer.

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Sushi House Unico is like no other Japanese restaurant. Its dishes contain a mixture of cuisines that brings out memorable flavor. The menu offers a variety of diverse dishes that allow every type of eater to find something.  The service was efficient and the food quality was top-notch. I highly recommend this spot.