Instagram Food Trend: Honeymee, worth the hype

Honeymees classic Honeymee Ice Cream served with a fresh honeycomb chip.

Photo credit: Alexandra Chang

Honeymee’s classic “Honeymee Ice Cream” served with a fresh honeycomb chip.

After seeing numerous posts about the classic dessert and restaurant, “Honeymee Ice Cream,” on Instagram, I knew I had to taste the eatery’s famous item to see if it was actually worth the line and money. Although Honeymee has a few different locations, I visited the one on Sawtelle, which offers window service and outdoor seating.

Made of true milk ice cream sourced from a family-owned dairy factory and topped with a natural honeycomb chip, this dessert is worth every penny. Despite the fact that Honeymee may not be acceptable for vegans, especially hard-core ones who refrain from eating honey, an animal byproduct, their desserts are incredibly delicious.

The “Honeymee Ice Cream” logo is also extremely photogenic, so even if the taste does not appeal to you, at the very least, you will leave with a high quality Instagram or Snapchat picture. In this day and age, who doesn’t want that? The interior also makes for a fantastic photograph, as it is filled with warm, honey-like tones and has a minimalist design.

The shelves inside of Honeymee are filled with jars of honey, beeswax, lotions, and home items.
Photo by Alexandra Chang
The shelves inside of Honeymee are filled with jars of honey, beeswax, lotions and home items.

The service is excellent, and the employees at are friendly and knowledgeable. When I asked about the honeycombs, the woman behind the counter informed me that they come from a certified local bee farm that produces award-winning honey.

The dessert shop also offers other options, such as honey milkshakes, of which there are several different flavors including green tea, sea salt chocolate, pineapple and coffee. The rest of Honeymee’s menu consists of different flavors of ice cream, babees (ice cream in a sweet bun,) waffle cones and teas.

Honeymee is an Instagram food trend that is absolutely worthy of being popular. Some of their other shops are located in Garden Grove, Rowland Heights and Buena Park.

  • Service
  • Quality of Food
  • Ambiance
  • Diversity of Menu Options