Go Greek offers authentic yogurt, becomes a Los Angeles staple

Photo by Liz Haltrecht
Pictured above is my usual order— plain tart frozen yogurt mixed with chocolate, topped with chia seeds, almonds and raspberries.

If you are a frozen yogurt aficionado and have not tried Go Greek Yogurt, this eatery will be your new favorite place. Go Greek has three locations — Beverly Hills, Woodland Hills and Santa Monica.

Go Greek Yogurt is an authentic yogurt bar inspired by Greek culture and cuisine. Their yogurt is rich, creamy, delicious and tangy. It was established in 2012 by David Subotic, Tanja Subotic and Jonathan Williams Margaritakis, all of whom have dual nationalities. 

According to Go Greek’s website, their main goal is to “encourage a new perspective and approach to how people nourish themselves.”

The eatery strives to educate customers about the health benefits of a Mediterranean lifestyle and diet.

When entering the Beverly Hills location, customers are immediately surrounded by a blue and white striped ceiling and sparkling blue chandelier. There are several wooden tables and a self-serve frozen yogurt machine inside.

The exterior of the Beverly Hills location at night. The eatery is located at 452 Bedford Drive.

Go Greek Yogurt offers drinks such as coffee and tea, as well as two different types of Greek yogurt. My personal favorite is Kryo, a self-serve frozen yogurt. The other type of yogurt offered is Fresko, which is also used in parfaits. I have tried many of the Kryo flavors and would have to say my personal favorite is the plain tart.

For a first-time customer, I would highly recommend their plain tart frozen yogurt with some fresh fruit or a simple topping like chia seeds. My go-to order is a swirl of the plain tart and chocolate frozen yogurt with chia seeds, almonds and raspberries. The rose jam is also an interesting addition to the yogurt, as it has a sweet yet natural flavor.

Although I am a frequent frozen yogurt eater and have tried other places, such as Pinkberry and Yogurtland, I am only truly satisfied by Go Greek. The flavor of their yogurt is authentic and delicious, and all of the toppings are extremely fresh. 

All Go Greek Yogurt locations are open every day. For daily hours of the Woodland Hills, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills locations, click here. The cost of Kryo is based on weight, and pricing for Fresko is based on the size and amount of toppings. 

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Go Greek Yogurt is a Greek inspired yogurt bar and cafe that serves greek yogurt and drinks, such as coffee and tea. The restaurant currently has three locations, Woodland Hills, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.