LA Neighborhood Guide: Manhattan Beach Edition


Photo credit: Kamryn Bellamy

Manhattan Beach seen from the Manhattan Beach Pier. This beach city is a great place for food, family and fun.

“LA Neighborhood Guide” is a collection of listicles highlighting unique Los Angeles neighborhoods. It explores places to go, things to do and interesting information about the area in general. Through this spotlight, The Oracle hopes to explore Los Angeles’ diversity and unique attractions.

Manhattan Beach is a popular city within the South Bay that offers plenty to do. Although the land in Manhattan Beach was formerly sand dunes, it has evolved into a beautiful place that can be enjoyed by all generations for just about any event.

Here are five must-see destinations to fully experience this coastal part of Los Angeles.

Soak in the Sun at the Manhattan Beach Pier

Turquoise railing, red roof, palm trees in the distance: the Manhattan Beach Pier is almost impossible to miss.

It’s a great tourist spot, as you can see the Palos Verdes cliffs in the distance, the ocean underneath you and the beautiful beach houses lining The Strand.

Photo by Kamryn Bellamy
Beach goers relax on the Manhattan Beach pier. Here, visitors can look at the ocean and go inside the aquarium.

An aquarium is located at the base of the pier and is a great place for children to see fish, sharks, fossils and other sea creatures.

There are also benches lining the pier where beach-goers can take a seat and relax with the sea-breeze flowing around them and the sound of waves crashing in the sand.

Fishermen are likely to be found fishing near the aquarium as well, and if you’re lucky, you might witness a catch.

The Manhattan Beach pier has something for everyone and is definitely worth a visit.

Enjoy Pollywog Park

Photo by Kamryn Bellamy
A pathway through Pollywog Park. The park is suitable for dog walks, running or casually strolling with a friend.

I have clear memories of coming to this park as a four-year-old with my family and chasing my sister to the jungle gym.

This is the perfect family-friendly park for all ages. There are new, beautiful swings, an impressive jungle gym and even a designated workout section.

Often times, people like to go for walks on the paw-printed sidewalks.

On Saturday mornings, it is common to find people working out in the grass, running along the sidewalk and soaking in the sun. 

Walk Along The Strand

Photo by Kamryn Bellamy
The Strand is a wonderful place to experience the calming vibe of the beach. You can soak in the sun without actually stepping foot on the beach.

Walking along The Strand is one of my favorite things to do when I go to Manhattan Beach.

The Strand is a strip of sidewalk that runs along the length of the beach. Here, people can ride their bikes, scooters and skateboards and run or walk.

Also, there is a very high chance that you will see multiple adorable dogs, while walking along The Strand — so make sure to stop and pet a few.

It’s always fun walking along The Strand with a friend and watching the people on the beach surfing, playing volleyball and swinging on the swings.

Wander through Downtown Manhattan Beach

Photo by Kamryn Bellamy
The chicken car is commonly seen driving around downtown Manhattan Beach. It is sure to turn heads.

Downtown Manhattan Beach is the perfect place to go for having a good time.

There are numerous restaurants to enjoy such as Rock’N Fish, The Strand House, The Kettle, Tin Room Bistro and many more. 

There are also many shops along the sidewalk worth stopping in to buy bathing suits, tourist-y souvenirs and hand-made clothes.

Here, there’s a beautiful view of the ocean as you walk along the street.

You might even see The Chicken Car. It’s a bright yellow car with the head of a chicken propped right on top and feathers in the back. When you see it, you’ll know exactly what it is.

 Indulge at Manhattan Beach Creamery

Photo by Kamryn Bellamy
The interior of Manhattan Beach Creamery. It’s a great place to go for a treat on a hot day.

There is nothing better than getting a treat from the Manhattan Beach Creamery on a sunny day.

From milkshakes to ice cream sandwiches, candy to frozen bananas — there is something for everyone here.

Not to mention the beauty that you witness as soon as you step foot into the treat shop. There are cloud-painted ceilings, colorful decorations dangling from above and, of course all, of the sweets lining the store in glass containers.

I personally enjoy the ice cream sandwiches, but the milkshakes are worth a try as well.

Be sure to head south and explore Manhattan Beach’s coastal attractions and cultural destinations.