Pasta, Frozen Yogurt and More: 3 Delicious Holidays in February


Photo credit: Alexandra Chang

A cup of vanilla frozen yogurt from The Yogurt Shoppe in Brentwood. They offer a 15 percent discount to Archer students and neighborhood merchants.

When you think of holidays in February, what does your mind jump to? I think it’s safe to say that most people would say Valentine’s Day. However, there are tons of other (non-official) holidays that are certainly worth celebrating, such as National Kite Flying Day, National Awkward Moments Day and National Ferris Wheel Day, to name a few.

Although there are others, the food-related ones are definitely the most exciting. Listed below are some fun and easy ways you can celebrate some of these unique events.

National Frozen Yogurt Day- Tuesday, Feb. 6

Although this already occurred on Feb. 6, it’s never a bad time to buy some frozen yogurt, especially when it’s 80 degrees in February. If you’re at school, walk across the street one day to The Yogurt Shoppe in Barrington Court with some friends. They offer a wide variety of flavors with my personal favorite being the vegan peanut butter. The employees are also friendly and often give Archer students discounts.

National Bagel Day – Friday, Feb. 9

Who doesn’t love a good bagel? For advisory snack this Friday, bring in some bagels to get into the National Bagel Day spirit! There’s a bagel flavor for everyone. If you have a sweet tooth, try a cinnamon one, and if you’re craving something savory, go for the classic everything bagel.

National Tortellini Day- Tuesday, Feb.13

I would love to be the person that comes up with these random holidays; how fun would that be? I’d like to nominate myself for this job. For National Tortellini Day, make some pasta for lunch, or head out to a great Italian place for dinner over the weekend. The newly opened restaurant Uovo, located in Santa Monica, is both delicious and reasonably priced in comparison to other eateries. Their pasta is shipped in daily from Bologna, Italy, and every item on the menu costs $16 or less.

If you’re feeling skeptical about whether or not these days actually exist, look on Instagram, and I promise you’ll see lots of aesthetically pleasing ice cream cones, rainbow bagels and delectable bowls of pasta this month.