Freshman win Spirit Week dance competition

“P-I-N-K — we can beat you any day,” dancers from Class of 2021 shouted.

On Friday, March 9, middle schoolers, high schoolers and faculty watched the annual Spirit Week dance competition in the courtyard.

Photo by Nelly Rouzroch
All students gather in the courtyard for the annual Spirit Week dance competition. The freshman placed first.

Every March, student council hosts Spirit Week — a week filled with daily themed costumes and lunch activities, which concludes in a dance competition. Every grade is allowed ten dancers, and they showcase the performances for a panel of faculty and alumnae judges.

This year, the freshman took first place, the seventh grade placed second and juniors got third.

“We are happy [to win] because we worked on this for a very long time,” Tove Jegéus, a freshman dancer and choreographer, said. “We are happy that our hard work pulled through.”

The freshmen danced to a mash-up of popular songs.

“It felt really good that all of our work actually meant something,” Aniyah Shirehjini ’21, another dancer and choreographer, said.

The video above recaps a few dances of the performed.