Q&A with varsity volleyball captains: Cydney Johnson ’20, Amelia Nathanson ’20


The Archer varsity volleyball team posing on court before a game. There are no seniors on the team this year leaving two juniors to lead the team to victory. Photo source: Amelia Nathanson '20.

The Archer varsity volleyball team had their most successful season last year winning their first CIF-SS division 7 championship. This season, the current varsity team has no seniors, therefore choosing junior captains Cydney Johnson ’20 and Amelia Nathanson ’20 to lead the team to another hopeful CIF victory.

On September 17 this year’s team defeated Buckley School and is now ranked first in the Liberty League. The girls recently played Oakwood School on October 2 with a 3-1 win.

 The Oracle sat down with the two captains to discuss their goals for this year’s varsity team.

How does it feel to be junior captains after having senior captains last year?

Cydney Johnson [CJ]: It’s been really different, because last year we were underclassmen and we had to follow the seniors, and this year we’re so the oldest on the team so we’re the ones the underclassmen look up to.

Amelia Nathanson [AN]: It’s really important that we set a good example and that we’re working hard every practice. I think that what we do during practice determines how hard they work.

When or where did you find your initial love of volleyball?

AN: I started playing volleyball when I was 10—in elementary school—and immediately loved it, and my sister played it as well…that’s why I wanted to start.

CJ: My sister has been playing volleyball since she was in third grade, so [when] I was in kindergarten…I was in the house passing [the volleyball] with my sister. But I didn’t start playing until fifth grade, and I really enjoyed it…The JV coach, Coach Jinbo, was actually my coach at my old school, so that’s how I found out I love volleyball.

How are you planning to lead the team after coming off your first CIF-SS victory?

AN: I think it’s very different from last year, especially since we lost seven seniors, and they played a very important role on the team. I think we have a good relationship with a lot of the teammates this year as well.

What are your personal and team goals as captains this season?

AN: To win CIF again would be great, but I think as long as we try our hardest and work our hardest in practice and in the games and give it 100 percent on the court that’s the biggest thing.

CJ: My goal as a captain this year is to become closer to a lot of the girls on the team…Since most of the team [are] freshmen and sophomore[s], they’re new to varsity, so I don’t know them that well. But next year, they’re going to be on the team again, so it would be amazing to be able to bond with the underclassmen to create a better relationship, which will help us to win CIF again.

AN: I remember in ninth grade, when we were on the team, we had a lot of good relationships with the juniors and we knew were going to be with them next year, and I think that’s a really important role in order to succeed.

The team has a game against Glendale Adventist Academy on October 10.