Letter to the Editor: An open letter to Donald Trump


Will this ever end, Donald?

How many lives is it going to take? How many parents have to lose their children? How much blood must be spilled in order to enact change? When will you see that this death cannot be undone?

Lives are lost forever and you show no sorrow. You have been complacent for too long. We have been numbed by this senseless violence. This issue is not about who doesn’t have the gun, but who does. I should not have to live in fear everyday. This is not the America that I know.

At this point, Donald, you need to stop fighting the change. This is a democracy and we have flipped the house. This is the beginning of the end.

America mourns while you do not. America is dying and you stand and watch. There are bodies lying on a dance floor in California, children will never graduate, some will never know love, all took their last breath before they were supposed to, so many have known pain and suffering, many have parents who weep over their graves as you send your thoughts and prayers. Some were killed for their beliefs, others were killed because of the color of their skin, some were killed because of who they love.

Words mean nothing at this point. We are the only country in the world with this issue. I hope you are haunted by your actions. I know you may never realize your hubris.

I would like to live past thirty. I want to have children. I want to grow old. We all do. I am not asking much. One day this will be over and I want to see it. I want to know, to truly understand what it feels like to live in a country without gun violence. I want my children to go to school and not have to hear gunshots in their playground. I want to live.

We all deserve to live.

-Gwendolyn Hanson ’21