Letter to the Editor: Food deserts


By Burk Doubleday

Norah Adler presents an argument on an issue that has negatively impacted our nation for decades — food deserts. In her column piece, she characterizes food deserts by using a quote that says the term “food deserts” is insufficient because those areas are full of “life and vibrancy and potential.” While that may be true, the term more focuses on the lack of healthy food options for those living in food deserts. People living in food deserts aren’t blessed with the same resources as others, such as transportation, farmers’ markets, retail grocery stores, and more. This leaves the struggling population that inhabits food deserts to settle for food from corner stores, gas stations, and fast-food restaurants. Using the phrase “food desert” is entirely appropriate because it is a metaphor for the lack of access to healthy food, not a metaphor for a lack of life, vibrancy, or potential.

Burk Doubleday