Letter to the Editor: Sun, sand and scrumptious


Photo credit: Maia Alvarez

By Carolina Benabib

Have you ever wanted some top-quality food after a long, hot day under the California sun? Maybe you’re hungry, but the only thing that’s close to you is a really unhealthy restaurant with junk food like hot dogs and fries. I don’t know about you, but after a day of swimming in the ocean and running around on the sand at the beach, my stomach screams for food.

Last weekend, while my family and I were at the beach, we stumbled upon the perfect post-beach spot: Perry’s Café. If you want a place to watch the sunset, relax at a table right on the sand, listen to the ocean waves crash and eat a delicious meal all at the same time, take my advice and try Perry’s.

Perry’s has five locations along the Santa Monica bike path, so chances are one of these cafes is a short walk from one of your favorite local beaches. The café chain specializes in authentic Mexican food, and when you take a bite into any of their dishes, you will be transported to a Mexican paradise.

Once I grabbed my food from the kiosk window, I walked over to their outdoor patio on the sand. I grabbed a lounge chair under an umbrella and was ready to dig into my food. As I watched the sun sink lower and lower into the horizon, I first bit into my perfectly cooked burger. The cheese melted in my mouth as I took my first bite.

I then tried the chicken taco bowl, which was my favorite out of the feast we ordered. After all, we have to try everything. The taco bowl combines a creamy sriracha aioli, a crumbly Mexican cheese called cotija, freshly grilled chicken and a baja-style salad. The variety of warm and cold ingredients allows the cheese to melt in your mouth. Another fan favorite was the flavorful albacore tuna sandwich served cold with sprouts, tomatoes, pickles and homemade potato chips. Now doesn’t that sound good?

Perry’s also has a variety of tasty vegetarian options, such as the delectable cheese pizza (or pepperoni for all the non-vegetarians out there). If you don’t want a pizza, try their fresh greek salad with feta, baby spinach, peppers, red onions and olives.

All in all, Perry’s is a wonderful casual lunch or dinner spot along the beach. It is not too pricey, plus it comes with some great views. This restaurant even serves top quality breakfast at 10 a.m. for those early birds. This restaurant isn’t even your typical beachside dining, with indoor seating and an outdoor patio. I really hope you like this fabulous restaurant as much as I did! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: The Oracle made minor grammatical edits to this Letter to the Editor.