Photo Essay: Through the eyes of Kimberly Tuxpan


Photo credit: Celeste Ramirez

Senior Kimberly Tuxpan does homework in the library. This photo essay shows daily life at Archer through the eyes of Tuxpan, who has been at Archer since the sixth grade.

This photo essay is the first of a new series called “Through the eyes of.” This series will feature students, faculty and staff at Archer and use photo, audio and video to depict their individual experience at Archer. This essay uses images paired with audio.

Senior Kimberly Tuxpan sits at a wheel in the ceramics studio, headphones in, focused on the piece in front of her. She assumes this position multiple times a week, throwing, painting or glazing her latest project. Tuxpan’s “love” for ceramics is not the only thing that has come from her seven years at Archer. This photo essay gives insight into not only her ceramics but her home life, her friends, sports and plans for the future. Tuxpan said that we can not “assume that everyone goes through the same things” with “just one look.”

“I think in any community, in any group of people, there are so many things you don’t know about other people, their experiences, what they are going through now and what they have gone through,” Tuxpan said. “If you look at me, you probably don’t think about all of these things at all. Seeing these pictures that represent me or some part of me give you insight into who I am as a person.”

Photo credit: Kimberly Tuxpan Senior Kimberly Tuxpan’s dog, Toby, sits on her sister’s bed in the morning.

Photo credit: Celeste Ramirez
Tuxpan paints her latest piece in the ceramics studio during a lunch period. Tuxpan has been doing ceramics for five years and is in the AP studio art ceramics class.

Photo credit: Arielle Janger/Kimberly Tuxpan
On the left, Tuxpan holds a ceramic piece next to her shelf in the ceramics studio. On the right is an enlarged pendant of the “Virgin Mary,” Tuxpan’s current project.

Photo credit: Celeste Ramirez
Tuxpan learns alongside seniors Emily Delossa and Sophia Crenna in Monica Barragan’s statistics class.

Photo credit: Celeste Ramirez
Tuxpan and senior Victoria Pinkett sit near the softball field after school. Tuxpan has been playing softball since the sixth grade.

Photo credit: Kimberly Tuxpan
Senior Arielle Janger, Tuxpan’s friend, works on homework in the library. Tuxpan says they have a common free period where they “struggle” through their computational physics homework together.

Photo credit: Celeste Ramirez
Tuxpan, junior Kaiya Jefferson, and senior Angelica Gonzalez do homework on the steps of the amphitheater after school.

Correction Statement:

(Feb. 17, 2022, 1:06 p.m.): After Kimberly Tuxpan reached out to the Editorial Board and expressed concerns regarding a featured image, we made the following corrections to the initial article: we removed the referenced image, caption and audio recording to honor Tuxpan’s request.