Meet the Candidate: Jayla Brown ’18


1. Choose a leadership quote and in a short paragraph explain how it applies to your “style” of leadership and why.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

— Margaret Mead

I chose this quote because this quote not only applies to me, but it also applies to everyone. Archer is a perfect representation of this quote as Archer is a small group of thoughtful and considered citizens. In order for Student Council to be successful, I believe it is important that we love, respect, and care for each other. Ever since attending the Women’s March in LA, I realized that nothing is going to change until we come together. As cheesy as it sounds, this new change in our world is a blessing in disguise which has encouraged us to change what we want to see in our future. Leadership requires everyone and not just me.

2. As a student council member, what important goals would you have for Student Council? For Archer?

As a Student Council member, I’m really hoping to take some of our events to the next level! I am interested in adding new events such as casino night or even an open mic night. Possibly even adding an event at the start of the year such as orientation week that really introduces the new students with fun activities. I really feel like next year is the year I want student council to go full out with spirit and excitement! Just like color wars, I hope to make new traditions for future archer students.

Student Council Executive Board candidate Jayla Brown’s yearbook photo.

3. What are your plans for increasing school spirit and student participation at Archer?

After being in Student Council for two years, I have been able to analyze that not everyone will be willing to participate in everything we do since some people are more spirited than others. My attempt to try to resolve this problem is to incorporate more types of competition, not only within the students, but with the teachers! One of the best parts about coming to Archer every day is seeing our teachers, and there’s nothing better than to see them go all out with archer spirit. I believe it all starts at who we look up to, so if can ensure that the Upper School is 100% spirited, we know that we will also have the middle schoolers just as involved. Leading by example is the key to success. Hopefully the new events I hope to incorporate really showcase that.

4. What role(s) do you think Student Council should play at Archer? Is Student Council currently fulfilling that role? If not, what changes do you propose to make it happen?

Student Council should play the role of being the voice of Archer. We all play the important role of being the voice of the student body. Student Council’s job is ultimately making memories for years to come. When I leave Archer, I hope to remember the events the Student Council put on for us. I also hope to remember the change and the impact that student council made on the students. Whether its promoting something we believe in, or promoting other events in the school, I believe Student Council represents a lot of what Archer is. Student Council is currently doing a great job and I hope and I hope to keep the legacy going.

5. Why do you want to be on Student Council, really?

In my years here at Archer, I have truly come to love this school. I have made some of the fondest memories here and I’ve met people that I hope to never lose contact with. That is why for my senior year, my goal is to make Archer the best school it can be. Being a class rep for two years have really helped me come to a realization for how passionate I am. At first I was afraid to take this big responsibility at hand, but I have realized that fear is because of my care for this place. I hope that my creativity, diligence and my responsibility will shine through my last year.