Meet the Candidate: London Sinclair ’22


Photo credit: Ultimate Exposures

By Oracle Staff

2020-2021 Exec Board candidates filled out applications for the position. All candidates were given the opportunity to share those responses with the Oracle for the student body to read.


1) Choose a leadership quote and in a short paragraph explain how it applies to your “style” of leadership and why.  

Real leaders lead with love.

— Cleo Wade

I think this quote perfectly embodies my leadership style because it reminds us to love not only ourselves but also others in a way that goes beyond any barriers. I think about the love I watched my mother give to her girlfriends through heartaches and through the work days that broke them. The way they would sit together and cry, but mostly listen. That is the kind of support I want to give to my peers in challenging times. The type of support that goes beyond our mentorship conversations and provides a sympathetic, judgment-free, shelter – a safe space if you will. I think about the kind of love that our leaders are spreading throughout our nation — the difference in the fight to liberation and the kind of love that bleeds through continued oppression. I believe that when you lead with love, you are also leading with fairness and equity, patience and compassion. I want to lead with a kind of love that gives every individual a seat at the table. I think about the kind of love that pioneers radical change, in the way that those of us said “me too” and “times up.” That same radical change that Archer is encouraging me to fight for, I want to spark in my community. I want to promote the idea that radical leadership begins with radical love. 


2) As a student council member, what important goals would you have for Student Council?  For Archer?

The first thing that is very important to me is reducing the cost of the servery and making meals more affordable for all students. Lunch is a crucial aspect of your day, especially at school when most students skip breakfast and it acts as your only real source of nutrition until you go home. I love how Archer strongly encourages that all students put themselves out of there comfort zones, join clubs, sports, hold leadership positions, but that can’t properly be accomplished when you don’t have the energy to be engaged. Beyond extracurricular activities, also having the energy to be an active participant in your classes, which begins with having a nutritious and affordable lunch. For me, lunch has always been the way that I make friends and connect with others, I have gone to seven different schools prior to Archer and no matter where I go, lunch marks the beginning of friendships. When economic status interferes with connecting with your peers and promotes division among the community, you know that changes have to be made to create an equal playing field. Another idea I have is creating an Archer fair that is designed to both bring the community together as well as connect with communities beyond our own. There will be music, games, food trucks, etc all set up in the back of the school, along with tents and tables with representatives from various charities and nonprofits where Archer families and faculty can make non-monetary donations in the form of canned goods, clothing, supplies, and more as a way to give back to underserved communities throughout Los Angeles. There is so much power in the Archer community and I think it is incredibly important that we use that power to empower others instead of just ourselves! The Archer Outreach Festival will be a celebration of our own community as well as a way to inspire service and support the underserved communities of Los Angeles. My third proposal is road trippin’ x spirit week! An Archer spin on the old-fashioned American road trip, complete with food adventures, our favorite playlists, and sightseeing along the way. Monday is NYC we have pizza, bagels, street dogs, Tuesday we explore the OG  SF Chinatown, Wednesday is all about Jazz Fest, beignets, sandwiches. A week school spirit, cultural immersion, and lots of food. Of course, there will be clothing and decor that coincides with the daily themes. Themes will be designated to the grades and they will have the opportunity to decorate an entire hallway inspired by the location. Nothing like a quick walk through the San Fran Chinatown on your way to English!


3) What are your plans for increasing school spirit and student participation at Archer?

My proposal for creating an Archer fair goes hand in hand with school spirit, but in the less conventional form. I think that the fair will increase participation in school-wide events and promote a greater sense of togetherness. Service is such a significant aspect of the Archer curriculum and mission, so being able to integrate that into student life in a cohesive and fun manner seems like a perfect fit! I also think that road trippin’ x spirit week will be a fabulous and a hit among the students. There are so many aspects of the event to enjoy — be a style icon for every stop (no shame in overpacking), eat your heart out with local staples, rock out and get a chance to curate the perfect daily playlist, and so much more <3 


4) What role(s) do you think Student Council should play at Archer?  Is Student Council currently fulfilling that role?  If not, what changes do you propose to make it happen?

I think that the Student Council should act as the voice of the school. They are there to listen to the ideas and desires of the students and translate their words into a reality. Council members should strive to inspire the community, either by creating meaningful activities or through fun and school spirit. I also think that the purpose of Student Council is to lead by example – being driven, positive, passionate, creative, ambitious, etc. I think the current Student Council has done a great job of creating a fun atmosphere and leading Archer, but I want to use the platform to listen to the students and enact real change. I see the 2020-2021 Student Council spearheading change and creating a welcoming, loving, and spirited school atmosphere for all community members.


5) Why do you want to be on Student Council, really?

I feel that I am quite different from the many Archer personalities, and I have yet to find myself truly immersed in the community. I’m not as outgoing or rambunctious, much more independent and prefer the intimacy of close friends. Last year I ran for class rep, and my speech was vulnerable, my ideas were important and I wanted to expand the purpose of the class reps. I have value, my voice has value, but because I do not reflect the status quo I sometimes feel unworthy, or perhaps lost in the shuffle. I want to be on Student Council so I can write myself into the Archer story, have a seat at the table, and make sure that my voice is heard. Archer is the seventh school I have attended in the last fifteen years – every two years I move homes, school and sometimes cities, but what makes Archer special is the fact that I chose this school on my own. I decided to apply to Archer on my own, I committed to being an active member of the community which is exactly what I am trying to do.