Meet the Candidate: Tove Jegeus ’21


Photo credit: Ultimate Exposures

By Oracle Staff

2020-2021 Exec Board candidates filled out applications for the position. All candidates were given the opportunity to share those responses with the Oracle for the student body to read.

1) Choose a leadership quote and in a short paragraph explain how it applies to your “style” of leadership and why. 

Great leaders don’t tell you what to do. They show you how it’s done.

— Anonymous

I think that my leadership style is less about telling people what to do and more about showing them how to do it. I personally am not a very demanding person, and I believe people need to learn and be spoken to the way that is best for them, so I don’t tell people what to do and instead, try to be the example for what’s right. I think it is very important for people to choose a leader who they want to represent them and I think I am very capable of that.


2) As a student council member, what important goals would you have for Student Council? For Archer?

I want to give a bigger voice to the other students of the school. I think that although StuCo should be making the big decisions about what should happen in school-wide events, we should ask the student body for their ideas and opinions and ideas. We could email the different grades and say something encouraging that will make them want to speak up if they have anything they want to tell us. I think StuCo should be more open, especially with Spirit Point allocations by telling everyone how many points people can get in specific events and telling everyone who wins what. I just feel like there should be more transparency. Also, I think we should have more bonding activities between the grades since we always have competitions. Maybe we could have picnics between grades or even a dance party in the Dining Hall during Community Connections. 


3) What are your plans for increasing school spirit and student participation at Archer?

I think a big way to increase school spirit and participation is by telling people how many points they can get for winning certain things. It will make people want to participate if they know they can get a lot of points for it. I think we could also have some competitions to better the community like giving the grade with the least amount of dress code violations spirit points at the end of each month.I think it would be a great idea to incorporate spirit points in following the rules at Archer, like the dress code, because it will make people more invested in winning since it won’t seem hard.


4) What role(s) do you think Student Council should play at Archer? Is Student Council currently fulfilling that role? If not, what changes do you propose to make it happen?

I think Student Council should set an example for what an Archer student should be like. Personally, I think StuCo is doing a great job! We all work really hard to set an example and we try to encourage our peers to do so as well. 


5) Why do you want to be on the Student Council, really?

I have always wanted to show leadership in the school. Last year, I ran for Student Council for the first time and I got it which was so cool! It opened my eyes to how much I love being a part of it. Each year, I like to take on leadership roles as I love to lead the Archer community. I am very invested in the Archer community and trying to better it, even though it is going to be difficult to make it better than it already is.