Editor-in-Chic: How to accessorize your uniform


Photo credit: Alexandra Chang

A rack of Archer uniforms, which people donated for an Archer clothing drive that I co-organized earlier this month. The clothes are primarily green, white, black and gray.

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a green Lands End sweater staring back at you? We’ve all been there. Or, in the case of middle schoolers, it’s a white cardigan and purple polo. Despite the fact that wearing a uniform is obviously beneficial (it’s a major time and money saver for starters), wearing the same outfit every day can get very boring very quickly.

My remedy for this is to accessorize with everything from bracelets to scarves, while of course following the dress code. Listed below are a handful of ideas on how to make your uniform a little bit more exciting.

Layered Bracelets

If you know me at all, you probably know that I appreciate a good stack of bangles. While they might be a bit noisy during math class (I suggest taking them off before attempting to type on your calculator), they’re nonetheless fun to wear. Although wearing a single bracelet is beautiful, in terms of accessorizing a plain uniform, I recommend trying out a couple of bangles. Not only are there are a wide variety of designs, but if you have a bunch of bracelets on, that’s really all you need in terms of accessories. 

Enamel Pins

Another one of my favorite accessories to wear is an enamel pin. You’ll often see me wearing one on the collar of my Lands End polo, and I also enjoy putting them on my backpack. They’re easy to wear, and they’re so light weight that chances are, you’ll forget you’re even wearing one. I love them so much that I’ve even designed a collection of my own. 

Hair Scarves

Although scarves are normally used for weather purposes, since we don’t get much rain in L.A., why not wear one in your hair? It looks fantastic if you wear a high ponytail, or even a bun, with a scarf wrapped around it. Silk scarves are generally the best for this look, but cotton works well too. 

Colorful Eyeliner

Even though I don’t wear makeup to school on a daily basis, during Color Wars this year, I wore purple glitter eyeliner to represent the Class of 2018. It reminded me what a big difference a single swipe of color can make. If you ever appear tired in the morning, eyeliner will fix this issue, and it’s also super easy to apply after you’ve had some practice. Some of my favorite eyeliner brands are Stila and NYX Cosmetics.

Statement Earrings

Finally, my favorite part of this article — earrings! I love donning 3D or dangly ones, but I highly recommend purchasing clip-on earrings if possible. Not only are they more comfortable and less likely to fall off, but clip-ons don’t stretch your piercing. If you decide to wear a pair of large earrings, be sure to style your hair in a way that people can see them. They’re also a great conversation starter. You have no idea how many awkward silences I’ve filled with my earrings! 

Ultimately, any accessory will showcase your personality and individuality while wearing a uniform. It’s crazy to think that after graduation, I will no longer only have one clothing option during the week! Here’s to accessorizing!