Senior Spotlight: Archer Honors Class of 2014


The Class of 2014 on their first official day as seniors: Moving Up Day 2013. Photo Credit: Archer Communications

By Siena Deck

Today, Friday, May 30, marks the  Class of 2014’s last day of school. Click an image below to begin the slideshow and see what your teachers, administration, deans and peers have to say about you.  You will be missed, “Dream Team”!

Archer community—do you have more to say about any of these remarkable graduates? Why not add a comment to their photos with your positive thoughts or wishes? This is your chance to tell these young women why you will miss them.

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  • Carolyn Zaccaro: Open-hearted, Funny, Powerful...I will miss her collaborative nature and passion.

  • Sarah Wishingrad: Sarah is an analytical and creative thinker who isn't afraid to take risks. Archer will miss her innovative spirit.

  • Carly Winant: Carly is incredibly insightful and a talented writer. She's also one of the funniest people I know!

  • Chanel Williams: Chanel's generosity and kindness stand out among her many qualities. Her sense of humor and ability to make everyone feel important will be missed in our halls.

  • Courtney Urbancsik: Courtney is one of the most graceful people I've ever known. It's truly her trademark and it informs absolutely everything she does; it's the way she flows across the stage, it's her elegant manner when speaking to others, and the big surprise is how Courtney's finesse even infuses her designs in engineering (I mean, have you seen her bridge?!? Come on!!!).

  • Fatima Toksanbaeva: Fatima is positively "can do"! Her cheerful spirit and willingness to take on activities and do them well is in inspiration to other students. She can assume leadership with kindness and inclusiveness of others. She will go far with her emotional intelligence as well as her academic strengths. Love that girl!

  • Leila Taleghani- Leila has a rare gift that allows her to gracefully coax ideas out of the shadows, then amusedly juggle, inspect, and link them with alacrity. I will miss her curiosity and zeal.

  • Hero Stevenson: Hero has a unique sense of humor and an extraordinary curiosity about the world. I believe this is what makes her such an amazing photographer.

  • Jor Taira: Joy Taira is one of the few true Renaissance talents I've come across in life. A magnificent dancer, a scholarly student, and a multifaceted artist, she is my immediate go-to for creative collaboration and inspiration.

  • Alessandra Sternberg: Thoughtful, Passionate, Creative...I will miss her unique point of view and kindness.

  • Dani Simpson: I am going to miss Dani's sense of humor in advisory and her overall presence.

  • Rita Shrestha: Rita is the quintessential Archer girl, there's no doubt about it. Her spirit- ever eager and ebullient, so pure and passionate, is the Spirit of Archer.

  • Lulu Shamberg: Three years have passed since you entered my French class with a big smile and twinkling stars in your eyes and made all my stress melt away!

  • Rachel Schnieder: Rachel has really impressed me with her passionate concern, knowledge and commitment to environmental issues. She has a strong sense of activism and righteousness about making the planet a cleaner and safer place. I applaud her willingness to tackle this issue head-on and her enthusiasm in spreading this passion.

  • Athena Schlereth: Three adjectives for Athena: Innovative, musical, determined. Latin goddess.

  • Ashlee Sausedo: I will always fondly remember Ashlee's thoughtfulness, her authentic interest during English classes, and her wry, well-placed humor.

  • Gloria Ryoo: Three adjectives for Gloria: Musical, Driven, Leader. (She will take down the patriarchy!)

  • Bhujit-Saini: I loved having Bhujit as a student in my Spanish 1 class last year. She quickly and impressively rose to the challenges of acquiring a 4th language, always with a smile and a genuine sense of curiosity and enthusiasm. She is earnest, adventurous and supportive of her peers - I'll miss seeing her smile around campus!

  • Maria Roussos can sing, she can act, she can crush a softball when she's at the plate, or throw down a runner trying to steal second. I would definitely not mess with her.

  • Livia Reiner: Livia is musical, inspiring, and talented. Her smile lights up my day!

  • Grace Piccard: Grace is a passionate, creative, and sweet soul. I will miss seeing her in my class!

  • Emily Piccard: Emily is creative, inquisitive, and kind. She's also an extraordinary writer.

  • Bella Pendergast: When Bella establishes a goal for herself, she will not stop until she reaches that goal. In the past two years, I have witnessed Bella's transformation in the classroom, and it is a beautiful thing. Bella applies the same level of preparation, dedication, and focus to her studies as she does to her riding. As a result, she has garnered many awards and recognitions in both arenas. Most recently, she was accepted into UC Davis' pre-vet program, which is such an outstanding accomplishment.

  • Alana O'Mara: I am going to miss Alana's smile, her willingness to work through challenges and her initiative. I am going to miss her energy and positive attitude.

  • Sage Malecki: Sage can be quiet of voice, but not of mind. She is a thinker who enjoys listening to her peers hash out their thoughts as she forms her own. She is kind, generous, and diligent.

  • Coco McDermott: Coco is funny, bold, creative, and romantic.

  • Riel Macklem: Riel is destined for greatness. God, I really hope it's as a writer though... she is so incredibly insightful, and thoughtful, and she has a deeply profound sense of empathy. With such a generous heart, keen mind, and skill as a writer, Riel has the power to reach the hearts and minds of any who read/hear her words. I'm already a fan.

  • Marisa London: I've seen Marisa grow so significantly in her role as School President this year... it's a big role, very demanding, and she has met each challenge and every responsibility with the composure and resolve of a true leader. With Marisa, Archer is sending a mature and incredibly adept leader into the world who will affect great change wherever she goes.

  • Sophie Levy: I'll miss her feigned cynicism. She pretends to be cranky, but the truth is that she loves her friends and does nice things for the people around her.

  • Octavia Leclerc-Jones is a talented artist who helps us see the world through different eyes. She's also a vicious Bananagram player, so watch out!

  • Erin Lassner: The first time I worked with Erin was in her freshman year when she was a dancer in a piece I choreographed for Archer's annual dance show. Even as a freshman, she distinguished herself not only for her technique and artistry but for her unfailing dedication to improving. She was always the first to arrive, the first to volunteer to lead the warm-up, demonstrate a combination or help another dancer. But more than that, Erin never passed up an opportunity to push herself further. She always stayed late to perfect a phrase or nail a turn- her passion for learning was not reserved solely for the dance studio; she has seized every opportunity at Archer, both in and outside of the classroom. This year, Erin's leadership in Dance Troupe set a new standard for excellence and sisterhood. She is a quiet though up-beat leader who inspires others by example.

  • Clio Koller: Clio is passionate about her research and I hope that her passion will bring her to amazing places.

  • Emma Lapin is an amazing human being. She is so determined and works so hard, yet she never complains. Her optimism and work ethic inspire me!

  • Kathleen Kelso: Voice of an angel, leader of a cappella, wizard of the stage and star in the classroom.

  • Amanda Kay: Ever smiling, Amanda is good-natured and jumps in feet-first when a topic excites her.

  • Emily Kastner: Emily's sweet smile and leader-like qualities, helped me on the tennis court and off the court.

  • Samantha Karny: Sam is ambitious, hard-working and a sharp thinker. She has a wittiness that makes her fun to have in class, and she is a careful, diligent learner.

  • Erin Jordan: Erin is calm and so present. Reserved and so intense. Smiling and so beautiful. Soft spoken and so powerful. What a joy to get to know you better this year during advisory. I had the pleasure of discovering who you really are on SLC Day when, sitting across from your mom, you were telling her about your accomplishments, your fears and your aspirations. It was so touching to watch the two of you so close while you were carefully preparing her for your future flight from Archer to College.

  • Daniela Jimenz is a dedicated and caring student, athlete and leader. She leads quietly, by example, and with poise. She brought so many events to life this year as a part of the Hermanas Unidas Executive Board and we will miss her!

  • Caterina Iacoboni: I'll really miss her mature view of the world. She's a know-it-all in the best way and always addresses problems in a logical and straightforward manner.

  • Logan Howard: I have watched Logan evolve from a giddy little squirrelly 6th grader into one of the most amazing compassionate young women I know. She uses her creativity and commitment not just to pursue her own passions, but even to enlighten and guide my current 6th graders who adore her. She has always challenged me to be my best as I challenged her to learn and think and grow and apply herself in life. She has been a joy to watch bloom. I cannot imagine Archer without her.

  • Leilani Housten: Leilani is one of the most graceful, fluid dancers I have encountered during my time at Archer.

  • Jennifer Horowitz: Jenny loves to learn. She has a quick, curious mind.

  • ShaVonne-Higgins: I will miss ShaVonne's positive attitude, her smile lights up a room. She has contributed to Archer in so many ways and she will truly be missed.

  • Kate Heck: Katie is fully capable of changing the world with her words and the sharp intelligence she crafts them with... I can remember every time I've heard her speak at Archer- her bid for Class President, her presentation at the Humanities Symposium, and her Honors Research presentation at the STEM Symposium. Every single time she left me in awe, overwhelmed with the pride of knowing her... what a gift.

  • Katie Van Hershey: Katie is passionate—a nationally ranked archer, an advanced rescue diver, and a future marine ecologist. She has a sunny smile and a positive outlook on the world.

  • Antonia Haley - Positive, cheerful and wise enough to see what is important in a very real way. Cuts to the chase. Doesn't waste time on what is not important to the heart. People will be lucky to have her as a friend.

  • Daisy Gonzalez is a very skilled mediator. She notices the nuances in communication and knows how to respond to keep a dialogue going. Her values shine through in how she treats other people with kindness and fairness. One of the sweetest girls I have ever known.

  • Isabella Fuchs: Izzy is a marvel to me. She has maintained the same calm focus and maturity she exhibited as a fledging 6th grader to her life as a high school yearbook editor. Her empathy and values are a model for the rest of of and I feel SO fortunate to have been able to work so closely either these last few years. She is a quiet force who will blaze the way for the rest of us.

  • Rachel Floyd: Rachel wrote the most beautiful short story piece imitating the style of Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried. It was stylistically gorgeous, but also thoughtful, personal, and inspirational.

  • Ari Eshel: A community-service guru, her passion and purpose will change the world.

  • Maya Escobar: Maya's strong and commited learning style consistently inspires me.

  • Leah Doornick: Leah is spunky, intelligent, charismatic, and talented...I will miss her voice and candor.

  • Tara DiMaio is someone you depend on, she is someone who goes above and beyond to get where she needs to be.

  • Lauren David: As a ninth grader in Creative Writing, Lauren, a natural storyteller, revealed such amused wonder and curiosity, and I am happy to have seen her maintain these crucial qualities all through high school.

  • Laura Daly: Laura is such a kind and compassionate person. She never fails to brighten my day.

  • Caitlin Cromer blossomed as a beautiful, dedicated dancer and a nationally recognized student choreographer by the National Youth Arts Awards. One of my fondest memories is of a discussion with Caitlin regarding the subject matter of her solo and whether she should wait until a later time, maybe in college, to tackle such a sensitive and emotional topic. She took a risk and determinedly decided to present a very emotional and powerful dance. I couldn't be more proud of her successful victories at Archer. I will miss her smiling heart-felt support for everyone she meets.

  • Brooklin Cohen: One of my favorite memories of her is at the Robotics competition watching the transformation in Brooklin's expression as she realized the judges were describing the Archer team and the robot she helped build. It was also fun watching her victory lap as she ran to the judges and collected the team trophy.

  • Maile Carnahan: Maile inspires my writing, and watching her helps me grow. I will miss seeing her in the hallways and in class.

  • Nelli Bryzgalova: It is Nelli's invention, her ongoing design, her means of bringing together a variety of students; she lesson plans, she raises philosophical and ethics issues, she entertains, she builds community.

  • Bayley Baumgarten: I was so impressed with the way Bayley dove into her English studies in 11th grade, then pushed herself in the 12th honors course. Her genuine curiosity will be missed.

  • Adriana Bass: Adriana is passionate, dedicated, and connected. We will miss her.

  • Maia Barnett: Maia is one of the most experienced athletes I know and she will always be my inspiration. I will miss her so much in Track. Her presence in Archer sports is unforgettable!

  • Kirsten Avila is authentic and unpretentious, hardworking, funny and thoughtful. As a member of Diversity Committee Executive Board, her contributions have been sincere, poignant and thought-provoking. I'll miss her spark and her passion!

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