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Meet the Candidate: Ali Kiley ’16


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1. Choose a leadership quote and in a short paragraph explain how it applies to your “style” of leadership and why.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is one of my favorite quotes. I agree with it because everything that goes into a task (planning, participation, leadership) cannot occur without motivation to achieve the task. It also shows that anyone with enthusiasm for a cause can do something about it.

I am incredibly passionate about Archer and Student Council, and feel that my enthusiasm for the many tasks that must be completed will help get the jobs done. Because I care so much about Student Council, I will dedicate my time to organize, construct, and lead the council to make changes to the school. My drive to complete the tasks will ultimately be what gets them done. In essence, I have big goals and without enthusiasm to meet them, they will never be met.

2. As a student council member, what important goals would you have for Student Council? For Archer?

For Student Council, there is a lot that needs to change in terms of structure and presence at Archer. I have been on Student Council for five years now, and I know as well as anyone what needs to change in order to improve it. I want to add much more structure so that each council member understands her role, works to meet deadlines, and will be responsible for her hard work.

I want to designate firmer groups within Student Council and allow those groups freedom to be creative in events other than the usual Winter Wonderland and Spirit Week festivities. A huge goal is to get Student Council involved around campus in many other ways throughout the year. I would like to map out a draft of the year of what, how, and when the work needs to get done with ASB and the Student Council advisors before school starts.

As for Archer, I really want to get school spirit way up. One of the main complaints I hear about Archer is that there are not enough pep rallies, excitement and attendance at games and performances, and a lack of knowledge of what is going on around campus and when. Every Archer girl is involved in some way on campus and I want there to be a lot more signage, buzz, and announcements of what people are discussing in their clubs or when games are and how people can come out to support.

We have already established a warm and comfortable environment where girls are free to express themselves, however, at meetings, there is rarely time for girls to get up and say “I care about this and you should, too, but if you don’t, you can still support me anyway!” That should be a goal for next year.

3. What are your plans for increasing school spirit and student participation at Archer?

First of all, consulting Ms. Shirk on her many plans and ideas she has accumulated over her years of experience as a Student Council advisor would be a smart idea. Secondly, I think creating a Spirit Club or a branch of Student Council focused on targeting the major events going on around campus and acting as the liaison between club leaders and the rest of the student body. They can be the group that organizes pep rallies with posters around campus, rounding up participation, and being spirited and present at all events.

Adding on what I said in the previous section, school spirit comes in many forms. It is not only about supporting each other at sports events (although, I would love it as much as anyone), but it is also about supporting each other about what anyone is excited about, and that comes from sharing what we are all excited about. Sharing what you’re excited about allows people to come and support you.

Of course Archer girls are super busy and have a lot going on, but having more events or club showcases during lunch would allow a lot of people to share in the excitement and festivities. That comes from connecting clubs with student council, which is a main goal of mine for next year. I think making a Student Council twitter or organizing with the Oracle Twitter about reaching out to tell students what is going on would be very helpful.

Another idea is designating a branch of Student Council to run an SC Instagram and post pictures of students playing sports, meeting with clubs, and participating in school events would be an awesome way to showcase peoples accomplishments and contributions to Archer. That way, people would have incentive to come to events or show spirit by having the possibility of getting on the Archer Instagram.

Lastly, on days of major sporting events, getting students to dress up in purple and green, wear purple facepaint, and make signs during lunch would really bring people out to cheer (and would be worthy additions to the Archer Instagram).

4. What role(s) do you think Student Council should play at archer? Is Student Council currently fulfilling that role? If not, what changes do you propose to make it happen?

Student Council should be the leaders and representatives for the student body, the liaison between the faculty and the students, as well as the supporters and helpers of each club on campus, and the leaders of pep in all aspects of Archer. As of now, I think Student Council is partially fulfilling those roles, but a big part of the problem is that most of the student body does not know who is on SC or not.

Student Council should be much more involved on campus and students should know who they voted for and should be able to see that who they voted for is doing her job. Getting Student Council members to lead in the support of other students will encourage more Archer girls to support others, bringing the Archer community closer together.

I also think a close relationship between Student Council and the many clubs on campus will help to foster unity as well, allowing us to also promote clubs and get more people involved.

5. Why do you want to be on Student Council, really?

I am really passionate about improving certain aspects of Student Council that are lacking. I have a lot of ideas, and I have a ton of enthusiasm for those ideas and, Ralph Waldo Emerson would agree, that is what will get the job done.

I understand the ins and outs of Student Council better than any other current student and I have a ton of support and ideas from my SC advisors and other members, as well as the student body, to do all that needs to be done.

I think it is really cool that I have this chance to make an impactful and lasting change to the way Student Council is run, and ultimately, to the relationships of the student body. I will be lucky to get this opportunity and I will be sure not to waste it.

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