Letter from the Editor


Photo credit: Nelly Rouzroch

Anika Bhavnani ’17 poses in front of The Archer School for Girls. Bhavnani is Editor-In-Chief of The Oracle for the 2016-2017 school year.

Hello, Archer Community!

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! I’m Anika Bhavnani, and I am the new Editor-in-Chief of the Oracle for the school year — and I cannot wait for you to see what the Oracle is planning on doing this year.

I wanted to let you know a little bit about me, along with my goals for the Oracle.

I am so excited to the be the Editor-in-Chief. To be completely honest, I never thought that I would have this much love and passion for journalism. I am really excited to take on this new position to learn more about journalism, but also about myself. I joined the Oracle in 11th grade and served as the co-Voices editor. I love the Voices section because that is where I was able to find my voice. I liked using my voice through op-ed pieces, but I also liked to read and understand different people’s voices when I edited their work. 

This past summer I attended a program at Berkeley for journalism and leadership, and I learned so many incredible things that I hope to bring back to Archer and the Oracle.

Now that you know a bit about me, let me tell you what I’ve got planned for the Oracle this year.

First off, I would like to make you all aware of how active the Oracle is on social media. We have a Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. I know… pretty cool. We frequently update all social media platforms with events happening around Archer or links to new articles that we published. I highly recommend that you add us or follow us on any or all of the platforms so that you are up to date on all things Archer. 

Secondly, I want you to find your voice, and I want to hear that voice. I was able to find mine writing for the Oracle, and I would love to hear yours. You might be wondering, how can I do this if I’m not taking journalism? We have a section called Letters to the Editor where you can share your thoughts about Archer or current events, whether they be positive or negative. Not everyone can take journalism, but this is a great way to put your voice out there for people to hear your opinion.

You can submit letters to the editor by hitting the tab up above that says Submit A Letter to the Editor.

The Oracle is really proud of the work that we put together and publish, and it means a lot when you leave feedback or comments. Again, you can leave a comment below on any of the articles, and it is another way to find your voice while engaging in conversation about a topic that you might feel passionate about.

Lastly, the Oracle does its best to cover everything on campus. However, if you feel like we are missing something, please send us an email. We will do our best to cover your event. Your feedback helps us make sure we are the best newspaper we can be.

Thank you for reading, and I can’t wait for you to see what we do this year!


Anika Bhavnani

Editor-In-Chief 2016-2017