Eastern Star Gallery: Tierney Gearon


By Siena Deck

The Eastern Star Gallery had its first official show featuring artist Tierney Gearon on Oct. 10.
The show was two hours long with 55 people in attendance.  According to Carina Oriel ’16, who has been a member of the Gallery for two years, “This was the most people we’ve ever had.”

Gearon is a Los Angeles based contemporary photographer whose work attempts to “capture her vulnerability and free spirit.” Some of her work is known for being controversial.

Her first exhibition in 2001 titled “I Am A Camera,” featured her own children photographed in the nude. The exhibit generated opposition. The Scotland Yard—the Metropolitan Police Service in London— threatened to shut down the show after complaints that her work was “a form of child pornography.”

In response to these concerns, Gearon stated, “I share my soul with people and what I’m showing makes me feel happy. My work may make some people feel uncomfortable, but I don’t think about what others might say.”

When asked about her work involving her children, she said, “I grew up where people were always running around naked… I’m like a child,  I don’t hold back — I express what I see.”

Sofia Cappello ’16, a new member of the class, enjoys Gearon’s work.  She says, “She is so creative and impulsive; it was an amazing privilege to work with her.”

photo 3 Although nothing was sold, there was a general buzz of interest and delight, and Corner Bakery provided what guests said was a particularly yummy cheese platter. Gearon spent some time outside the Gallery, talking to people and signing books with personal messages.

Inside the back room a video called “Hollywood Heroines” was displayed, in which Gearon took 2012 Oscar nominees and filmed them in different uncensored short films.

The Archer girls had their own jobs: talking to guests, working the sign-in sheet, and manning the video room.

Archer art teacher Chad Attie explained the purpose for this first show was to”[become] aware of the artist and the gallery, to generate excitement for the upcoming shows.”

Archer’s next show will be on Dec. 5.