JV, varsity tennis conclude seasons, emphasize bonding


Junior Zoe Woolf and senior co-captain Rachel Ferrera congratulate each other during a match. The pair played as doubles partners this season. Photo courtesy of Woolf.

Since August, the junior varsity and varsity tennis teams have been practicing on the tennis court.

The varsity team wrapped up its season on Nov. 1 in the first round of the CIF-SS Division 4 playoff game against Santa Fe High School. The Panthers lost the match, but finished with an overall record of 6-9 and 6-2 league record.

Looking back at the season, varsity player Zoe Woolf ’19 credited the team’s success to their “hard work” and “family-like bond.”

“Our goal was to get to CIF-SS playoffs, which we actually did, and for everyone to become closer,” Woolf said.

To bond, the team held team dinners at the homes of team members.

“When [the JV and varsity teams] had practice, we would all play together,” Woolf said. “We would always talk to each other.”

Sophie Pollack ’20, a member of the junior varsity team, also mentioned the bond between the JV and varsity teams.

“I did not feel like there was discrimination [about skill level] between JV and varsity,” Pollack said.  “I felt like it was more of one team instead of two separate teams.”

The players worked on communication both on and off the court in order to better play like a team. Varsity coach Paula Feigenbaum and JV coach Alison Hirshan were also there to support the team.

“I am there for team spirit and team morale,” Hirshan said. “I am really there for support and encouragement.”

Pollack recognized the support and encouragement the teams received from their coaches. She said their presence helped her feel more confident, even when they did not perform well. 

“[The coaches] were very encouraging when we did not win,” Pollack said. “They put the time in so we could really improve our skills.”

Woolf agreed with Pollack and commended the coaches’ supportive attitude.

“I think our coaches definitely pushed us to try our best. Even if we do not do well one day, you know the next day you can do better. They helped a lot” Woolf said. “With everyone being so close this season, [I know this bond will transfer] into next year’s season. Knowing that I have them to support me…[is] the best feeling.”