Varsity cross country completes season, CIF-SS Finals


Photo credit: Maddie Fenster

Amelia Mathis, head cross country coach, talks to runners before a meet begins. Mathis has been coaching the team for seven years.

It was the morning of CIF-SS Finals.  Amelia Mathis, head varsity coach, stood in the cold waiting for her team to arrive. Fourty five minutes until the meet and the team was nowhere to be seen. The varsity runners finally arrived, parading in Ugg boots and pajamas. 

The team changed into uniforms and got into action. At that moment, Mathis said, she knew they were in for a “great” race.  

Archer varsity cross country finished their season on Saturday, Nov. 11,  when seven runners went to the CIF-SS Finals in Riverside. Archer finished second to last in Division 4. 

Last season Archer competed in Division 5, but this year moved up to Division 4 — a more competitive pool.

Mathis was “impressed” with the results because this season was especially hard due to the increase in level of competition.

Photo by Maddie Fenster
Runners Riley Adams ’20, Sara Weitz ’18, Caitlin Chen ’19, Mara Bridwell ’20 and Nicole Farmer ’21 run in their purple uniforms during the Liberty League Finals. This final league meet was on Nov. 1.

Caitlin Chen ‘19 placed in the Liberty League finals on Nov. 1, which qualified her to go to CIF-SS Finals.  

“[The varsity team] placed in the top three for League Finals [in Division 4],” Chen said.  

Riley Adams ’20, a first year cross country team member, who attended the CIF meet said that she was “proud” of the team’s progress this season.

“It was really [great] to experience what it [is] like to be in a CIF competition,” Adams said. “I think it was a fun way to end the season.” 

Adams also said her favorite part of the season was being able to bond with upperclassmen.

Next year, Mathis hopes that the varsity team will return to the CIF-SS Finals.

“I know the girls can do it,” Mathis said. “It just about them believing in themselves.”