Breaking: The Arrow moves to Classroom Village


Photo credit: Maya Wernick

The new cart in the classroom village, which will house the student store, The Arrow. The new space is set to open for business on Tuesday, May 1.

After a year of changes, Archer’s student store, The Arrow, will move once again, this time to a “Disneyland-ish” cart in the Temporary Classroom Village, according to Arrow Executive Board President Cat Oriel.

The cart will open for business on Wednesday, May 2.

The Arrow’s original location was in the North Wing, which was torn down in December for Archer Forward construction. In the days leading up to demolition, the store moved into the Eastern Star Gallery space, adjacent to the courtyard.

But this first move was controversial. Students in art classes, which usually have their senior art shows in the Eastern Star Gallery, no longer had that space to display their work.

Oriel said the Arrow Executive Board “tried to make it work,” and the senior shows found their homes in the upstairs gallery. 

But the obstacles continued.

“About two weeks ago [The Arrow Executive Board] found out that we had about two weeks to get out of the [Eastern Star Gallery] space,” Oriel said.”We didn’t know where we were going to go. We thought we might just close for the year.”

Instead of closing, Middle School Director and Assitant Head of School Karen Pavliscak helped to arrange a cart, similar to one seen at carnivals, which is intended to be used as the store’s new home, according to Oriel.

Now available, the Eastern Star Gallery will once again be open for senior shows.

Since the cart is much smaller than the previous spaces, The Arrow will be decreasing the inventory and keeping the extra food in a different location.

“This is going to be an interesting challenge,” Oriel said.