Dancers perform in last show of the year, ‘Festival of Dance’

After choreographing and rehearsing dances for a little over a month, Archer dancers were ready to show the community what they had been working on. On Friday, April 27, the Dance Company students performed in the annual Festival of Dance in the courtyard.

Photo by Cat Oriel
Sisters Cameron Thompson ’18 and Kelsey Thompson ’20 perform a duet in the Festival of Dance. The dance show took place on April 27.

The Festival of Dance previously took place in the evening in the Rose Room but has since been moved to the courtyard to accommodate more student attendees. This year’s show was held during X-Block. 

The dance show was comprised of 13 dances performed and choreographed by Dance Company students. Because there are so many dancers, students were required to present a proposal and audition in front of various dance teachers in order for their dance to be selected for the show. Dance teacher Andrea Locke said that students had complete freedom to create whatever type of dance that they liked and were not restricted in any way.

Locke said the Festival of Dance is an opportunity for dancers to “express their creativity through the art of dance.” She said this is her favorite time of year because her students are able to “showcase their talents to the Archer community.”

Photo by Cat Oriel
Meagan Rowles ’18 dances in the Festival of Dance. As a senior, this was Rowles’ final show at Archer.

The entire student body, as well as all faculty members and teachers, gathered to watch the dances unfold.

Watch the video above to see one dance performed.

For Head Dance Captain Sophie Goldberg ’18 and other seniors, this was her final dance show at Archer.

“The dance show is sad, but exciting in a way,” Goldberg said. “We get to show off our skills one more time to the Archer community.”