Drama Queens perform ’emotional,’ ‘fun’ scenes for community


Photo credit: Emma London

Seniors Olivia Richards and Caroline Ediger perform their scene in the Drama Queens’ first performance of the year. Ediger played a bakery owner who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding.

Parents and students filled the Rose Room on Monday during lunch for the Drama Queens’ first performance of the year. The group is made up of sophomores, juniors and seniors in the advanced theatre class.

The class has been working on multiple scenes since the school year started. The performances today highlighted five scenes in total, which ranged from humorous to dramatic in tone. 

“[The scenes] are all just emotional and fun to watch,” sophomore member Ainsley Sweeney said. “All of the actors are so talented — it’s crazy.”

Sweeney said that the activities in class have helped her hone her skills as an actress.

In the class we do improv, warmup games, team building, bonding exercises and scene work,” she said. “Improv has taught me to be able to think on my feet and gain confidence.”

Sophomore Ruby Horton and junior Lola Vescovo commented on the strong relationships between the students in Drama Queens.

“I really like the community, and I get really excited whenever we have a performance,” Vescovo said. “There’s a lot of positive energy.” 

Horton said that the class provides a creative outlet that serves as an ‘escape’ from the stress of high school.

“It’s a shared passion between everyone [in the group],” she said. “We can instantly relate [about] that and [we] learn and grow together.”