Varsity soccer plays first game, team members ‘optimistic’ about new season


Photo credit: Denny Lennon

Senior Ella Dodd passes the ball during Monday’s game against Windward. The team lost 0-1.

Archer’s varsity soccer team played their first game of the season against the Windward School on Monday, Nov. 26. The team lost 0-1.

Despite the loss, junior Riley Adams said she was “optimistic” about the team’s future on and off the field.

“One hundred percent effort was given by everyone and that is really all that matters,” she said. “As long as we continue to work hard — and, of course, have fun while doing it — I’m confident we will go far.”

Senior Ruby Colby said that the team’s strong bond will enable them to succeed.

“My favorite part of Archer soccer is watching the team come together to find our ‘vibe’ and personality as a group. As the season goes on, we create our own family,” senior Ruby Colby said. “The friendships we build over the years contribute to a stronger team on the field, and I think that’s our greatest strength. We know that we have each others’ backs off the field, so we are more cohesive and trusting on the field.”

The varsity soccer team will next play Crossroads on Dec. 3.