Review: Milk Bar creates unique, delicious treats


Photo credit: Liz Haltrecht

I ordered the cereal milk ice cream with corn flakes and birthday truffles. This is the perfect late night treat as it reinvents the classic bowl of cereal into a delicious dessert with a sugary twist.

Compost cookies, cake truffles, cereal milk ice cream, crack pie. These are just as delicious as they sound and can be found at Milk Bar, an innovative bakery empire that has spread across the continent.

Founded by chef Christina Tosi, Milk Bar aims to reinvent the dessert and think outside the box, according to its website. The first store was opened in New York in 2008. Since then, the company has expanded and now includes locations in Washington DC, Boston, Las Vegas, Toronto and Los Angeles.

I visited the Los Angeles location, which opened this past September. The store is a flagship location; however, I was surprised by how big it was, as I had visited the much smaller New York store. The location in hip and trendy Melrose fit right in with its baby pink wall, bright green shrubbery and large neon pink sign atop the store. The interior, with its glass displays and wood, was much more simplistic and modern than the exterior — it reminded me more of a classic bakery.

While I waited in line to order, I was handed a sample of the chocolate malt cake, which was one of the best chocolate cakes I had ever tried. I even grabbed another sample — it was that good. I ended up not purchasing this, as I knew I would have no self-control and would inhale it in one bite. The cake was flavorful and buttery, with the perfect amount of chocolate.

I ordered a cereal milk soft serve with a topping of corn flakes and birthday cake truffles. I also got a birthday cake cookie to consume later in the week.

The soft serve was creamy and rich, and the corn flakes added a crunchy texture without overpowering. The truffles upped the taste of the treat, incorporating complex layers of flavor and sweetness. The cookie was really soft and did taste fresh, but it lacked that extra something. I think that it could have had a stronger flavor, as it lacked the complexity of other cookies I have had before.

I found the pricing to be decent; however, I did split the cost with a friend. The soft serve is a very large portion, so I would advise sharing it with someone.

I will definitely be back — I dream about that chocolate malt cake and the birthday cake truffles. I really liked the creative approach taken to these desserts and think they are super fun to eat.

Milk Bar is located at 7150 Melrose Ave and is open from 1o a.m. to 12 a.m. Monday through Thursday and Sunday, and 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

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Milk bar is a dessert shop that serves a range of treats from birthday cake truffles to cereal milk ice cream with corn flakes. The brand has stores across the continent in places like Las Vegas and Toronto. The Los Angeles store is featured on Melrose where it serves up delicious indulgences for all ages to enjoy.