Letter from the Editor


Photo credit: Lisa Lamberg

Senior Lola Lamberg poses for a photo. Lamberg is serving as Editor-in-Chief for the 2020-2021 academic year.

By Lola Lamberg, Editor-in-Chief

Hello, Archer! I hope everyone is having a good start to the year and a festive October — spooky season is admittedly my favorite.

My name is Lola Lamberg, and I am the new Editor-in-Chief of the Oracle. I wanted to write this letter to introduce myself, even though I am privileged enough to already know most of my lovely Archer community, and express to you what I hope to achieve this school year.

First of all, I must acknowledge these strange circumstances. As a senior, writing this letter is harder than I initially expected as it truly solidifies that this is my final year of high school. I never imagined I would be spending my final months away from the school I call my second home or communicating with my amazing staff and adviser from the desk in my room. However, something I have learned from journalism is that you have to roll with the punches. I want to acknowledge that as tough as COVID-19 may be, that does not and will not stop the Oracle’s ethical, factual and timely reporting. Our mission as a publication is to encourage authentic voices and open discussion, as well as to cover newsworthy, relevant and meaningful events for you all and we will continue to do so.

I originally joined the Oracle as a political columnist my freshman year, as I wanted to add my voice to the Archer community through a subject I was passionate about. I distinctly remember being unable to contain my shrieks of joy in the classroom village (seems like a lifetime ago) as I was chosen to be Voices Editor for my sophomore year. I served as the News and Features Editor last year and now as Editor-in-Chief, I have truly realized what the Oracle has taught me. My growth in leadership, responsibility and empathy is all due to collaborating with my Oracle family and learning that it’s okay to fail in and outside of journalism, as long as you are aware enough to learn and grow from each failure. Through reporting, I have had the ability to connect with many individuals in the Archer community that I may not have crossed paths with otherwise which is something that I will always value.

Anyways, enough about me. On to the Oracle happenings!

This year we have an incredible editorial board consisting of two seniors and six juniors. A new and especially exciting addition to the board is the role of the Podcast Editor held by junior London Sinclair. “The Scoop” is the Oracle’s debut podcast and will be available to the Archer community in the upcoming weeks. I know, I know, it’s exciting but I won’t give out too much information just yet. Be sure to follow the Oracle on all social media platforms to stay up to date on newsworthy events and Oracle content.

Now, you may be wondering…can I take the Oracle on the go? Yes, silly, of course you can! You can access the Oracle and all of its stories on the Student News Source app available on the App Store — it’s free and easy to use. As a staff, we work hard and deeply care about this publication. So, why not support your fellow peers or students and update yourself on all the community happenings with or without access to a laptop.

Before I send you on your merry way, we want you to know that your voice is valued. A simple way to share your messages and add to the Oracle is by submitting a letter to the editor. It’s as easy as clicking “Submit Letter” on our website. Even if you are not on the Oracle staff, we care about your voice and would love to hear it expressed. Don’t be shy to reach out to any of our editors or email the board ([email protected]) with any concerns, ideas or suggestions. Once again, we write for you.

Thank you for reading, stay safe and well and cheers to a new school year!


Lola Lamberg

Editor-in-Chief 2020-2021