Why do we do what we do?: Oracle staff reflects on purpose of journalistic work


Photo credit: Chloe Fidler

The Oracle staff discusses the purpose of journalistic work via a virtual class. “I have learned so much from being a student journalist,” current Podcast Editor London Sinclair said.

By Chloe Fidler and Rose Sarner

For Monday’s Scholastic Journalism Week theme of “Why Do We Do What We Do?”, the Oracle staff reflected on the purpose of scholastic journalism and the motivation behind producing consistent reporting. Consisting of 12 staff members and four part time columnists, the Oracle is a smaller publication. However, according to current Sports Editor Grace Doyle, the Oracle is a “small but mighty family.”

“I think we are also such an important part of journalism as a whole,” Doyle said. “Being able to amplify student voices and report from a perspective that you wouldn’t see in mainstream media is so important. We are telling stories from a unique and meaningful perspective.”

Editor-in-Chief Lola Lamberg added to this sentiment and emphasized the Oracle’s contributions.

“My motivation is knowing that we’re directly serving our community,” Lamberg said. “There is so much happening in the world and in the news right now that without unbiased news sources and reporters, no one really gets the truth.”

Kristin Taylor who is the journalism adviser noted that in her experience, she feels as though student journalists are motivated to report when they see a purpose behind it.

“Informing the community, providing unbiased news and giving voice to the voiceless are reasons why good student journalists do what they do,” Taylor said.

Through this year, News Editor Vaughan Anoa’i noted that from COVID-19 to social unrest, people on staff have been encouraged to be open-minded and produce a diverse array of articles.

“We are willing to have those difficult kinds of conversations to push past or resolve a given issue,” Anoa’i said. “Just putting ourselves out there and being vulnerable is a major piece as well. I think all of us are special. It takes a special quality to be able to consistently push yourself outside your comfort zone and produce and write this kind of content.”