Letter from the Editor: Kisses, hugs and lots of love


Photo credit: Lola Lamberg

Graduating Editor-in-Chief Lola Lamberg stands in front of her locker in sixth grade (left) and poses for a photo in her senior blazer (right). There is a six year difference externally and internally between these two images, all thanks to Archer and the Oracle.

By Lola Lamberg, Editor-in-Chief

Where’d all the time go? 

Here is the classic piece of advice that I think we all get from an upperclassman one time or another in our Archer career: “Your time at Archer will fly by. Cherish every moment.”

Now…it is hard to cherish every moment when you have multiple essays due and you’ve admittedly procrastinated on all of them. There were times, during high school especially, when I longed to cheat time in order to jump to summer or spring break and avoid the heavy burdens of stress. Looking back, however, I’m glad we haven’t grasped the discipline of time travel yet because those moments writing those tough essays or staying up late to tag my fellow editors on Trello cards made me, me.

For 1,460 days, 48 months or four years (however you prefer to measure time) I have been part of the Oracle family. I find it difficult to refer to the Oracle as a “staff” because we truly transcend that definition. We are friends, a family, a support system, each other’s shoulder to cry on, a continuous safe space but most simply: we are a team. My main goal rising into the Editor-in-Chief position last summer, which seems equally like one minute yet two lifetimes ago, was to create a harmonious and trustworthy bond within our Oracle team in which everyone was an equal and constantly felt pride in one another. Not to boost my own ego but…..we crushed that goal.

I have admittedly never been a “shy” or “coy” person — anyone could tell you that. I’ve always been the first to talk back (politely as possible of course), the first to correct someone when they’re wrong and the first to raise my hand in the classroom. However, I think what my time on the Oracle has taught me is how to place and utilize that confidence in a way that helps and benefits others. The care and empathy that I have grown for my team across these four years is beyond words. I can honestly say, maybe in contrast to my middle school self, that I would put all of these girls before myself any day. I would truly do anything for them.

If I had one piece of advice for younger students, it would be to take journalism. Now, as a journalist myself, I of course recognize the bias in that statement. However, you learn more than just oxford commas and AP style — you learn to find your unique voice because we all have one. Sometimes you just have to dig within yourself to find it.

Looking back on this weird, strange, mostly remote year, I wish I could control time. What contrasts my desire to bend my senior experience to my will, however, is that I am, and will always be, a big believer in that everything happens for a reason. I was meant to come to Archer; I was meant to apply to be a columnist in the eighth grade; I was meant to have that moment jumping with excitement in the bathroom when Maya Wernick told me I was Voices Editor and I was meant to lead this amazing group of girls and quality young journalists.

I will miss giving infinite information detailing how Venus is currently in Aries or telling Ms. Taylor what it means to be an Aquarius sun and Pisces moon every Monday at our editorial board meetings; nonetheless, I feel endless comfort that I am leaving this incredible publication in the hands of my hard working team and close friends, each of whom I am endlessly proud of.

With that said….I love you Archer and Oracle staff. You will always be a part of me.

Kisses, hugs and lots of love,

Lola Lamberg

Editor-in-Chief 2020-2021