4 tips to pass your drive test


Photo credit: Ella Schwartz

Use these 4 excellent tips to pass your drivers test. With my tips and tricks, I can ensure you that you will be licensed in no time!

By Ella Schwartz, Managing Editor

Recently, I experienced the most important day of my entire life. I had trained for months, day and night. I struggled through hours upon hours of practice tests in an effort to improve my driving abilities. I’d gotten two flat tires and ran a few red lights. Yet, it was all worth it. On March 1, I passed my drive test!

Since I am basically an expert at driving now, I have decided to do the upcoming 16-year-olds, and the juniors and seniors who put off their test until now, a favor. 

Behold: Ella’s tips and tricks to pass your drive test.

Tip 1: Take the test at the Winnetka DMV.

Growing up as a city gal, I’ve gotten pretty good at dodging speeding cars and bracing myself for the devil that is Sunset blvd. These skills are important for everyday driving, but no one should have to take on the stress of Santa Monica or Culver City on their driving test. I mean, that’s just crazy talk. 

Let me tell you, the Winnetka DMV route is heaven on earth. The streets are wide, there are only arrow-protected turns and the residential streets are (mostly) speed-bump-free. So please, do yourself a big favor and take your test in Winnetka. 

Tip 2: Keep that head on a swivel.

Every time you pass an intersection, you better move your head both ways — exaggerate those head movements.

Pretend you’re on a scavenger hunt and must look all the way down each street to find the prizes. You might even imagine you’re an owl and must spin your head all the way around.

Remember: Head. Turn. 100%. Every. Intersection.

Tip 3: Subtract three from the speed limit.

You will have to be good at math for this one.

If the speed limit is 25, go 22. If the limit is 40, go 37. Don’t ever go above the limit, and never go five below. 

Stay at a nice, constant speed of three less than the limit. I know it may be annoying to go so slow, but the test is only 10 minutes. You’ll be just fine playing it on the safe side for 10 minutes out of your entire driving career. 

Tip 4: Be nice.

In other words, use your Archer charm and suck up to that examiner. Say please and thank you, remind them to “buckle up” and tell them they’re having a great hair day… unless they’re bald – that may lead to an automatic failure. 

But honestly, they don’t want to be there any more than you do. Imagine having to judge 16-year-olds driving for a living. That’s basically a death sentence. Cut them some slack! Karma is real y’all. What’s the saying? Good things come to those who are kind to DMV workers? I think that might be it. 

Okay so, gathered from all tips and tricks, I hope you learned something. Here are my suggestions in simple terms:

  1. Winnetka
  2. Scavenger hunt 
  3. Be good at math
  4. Archer charm 

Last but not least, I wanted to say: you got this! 

Don’t stress; even if you fail, you can retake it as many times as your heart desires (I mean only three times until you have to pay a fee, but for the sake of the argument, let’s ignore that rule).

I believe in you!