Middle school play recruits upper school actresses

The play

Photo credit: Nelly Rouzroch

The play “Camp Stowaways” was written by Artistic director Tracey Poverstein. The Middle school play has turned into an all-school play with a few Upper school students joining the cast. Photo Courtesy of Jayla Brown ’18.

At the beginning of the school year when students started auditioning for plays and musicals, performing and visual arts teacher Tracy Poverstein announced that the middle school play was going to become an all-school play.

The play will still be considered the middle school play, but upper school students will be involved.

The play, “Camp Stowaways,” which Poverstein wrote herself, is a comedy about a group of girls going to summer camp. The play involves some adult characters that Poverstein hopes will be played by upper school students.

“The play is a really great coming of age story,” assistant director Noa Diamond ’18 said.

Upper school students had six days to decide whether or not they wanted to audition, as auditions took place the Wednesday after the announcement. Students did not need to prepare anything — Poverstein gave them scenes to read amongst the middle schoolers.

Poverstein gave middle school students roles first, then she filled the remaining roles with upper school students who auditioned for the play.

The show will take place December 8, 9 and 10 in the Blackbox theatre.