Community celebrates Color Wars, ‘comes together’

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A sea of colors filled the courtyard on Friday, March 1 during Archer’s fourth annual Color Wars. For the festivities, students dressed up in their respective grade colors and participated in events such as a relay race, tug-of-war, mural making and door decorating.

According to freshman Justine Moore, student council succeeded in promoting “unity” across the entire grade. Moore believes that Color Wars allows “grades to bond together” in new ways.

“Each year, I go all out,” freshman Justine Moore said. “[This year,] I’m wearing floaties and sparkly bell bottoms.”

Moore wasn’t the only one who had a tradition of “wacky” costumes for Color Wars. Freshman Paola Hoffman has been wearing morphsuits to the event since seventh grade.

“It’s pretty much my job to just be as creepy and hysterical as I can at all moments,” Hoffman said.

However, Hoffman said Color Wars means more to her than a chance to dress up.

“It’s really great for everybody to come together as a grade and just kind of have something to scream about together,” Hoffman said. “It’s a lot of fun — the competitions are wacky [and] strange. There’s something so great about it — that you just ignore the fact that everybody’s dressed up as a cookie monster.”

Senior Zoe Applebaum Schwartz believes that the importance of Color Wars lies in the “friendly competition” for spirit points.

“[It’s] a great way to bring a grade together and I think Color Wars is really helpful in facilitating that,” Applebaum Schwartz said.

Sophomore class representative Aniyah Shirehjini said that Color Wars was made possible through many trips to Michael’s and Party City.

“We [tried] to plan what our door was going to look like, and [bought] anything pink possible to put it together,” Shirehjini said. “[We] just [tried] to get the general spirit of the grade up through class meetings and activities.”

Larbalestier echoed this sentiment, saying that Color Wars required planning up to two weeks prior.

“We have posters that say ‘2020: Fight Fire with Fire.’ We have a piñata and overall [we just] plan and get ideas,” Larbalestier said.

Senior Grace Kerner said she was “sad” that this will be her last Color Wars at Archer.

“I’m going to really miss being with the whole school,” Kerner said.”Everyone’s so competitive, but it feels like such a community just coming together to have some fun.”

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