Q&A with varsity soccer captains: Sophie Larbalestier, Stella Chuck


Photo credit: Archer Athletics

Captain Riley Adams gives a half time pep talk during the Archer varsity soccer game against Oakwood hosted at Santa Monica College. Archer beat Oakwood 7-0.

Comprised of 22 players, the Archer varsity soccer team has embarked on their 2019-20 season with a new regulation home field at Archer. With a 6-0 undefeated league record under their belt, captains Sophie Larbalestier, Stella Chuck and Riley Adams continue to lead the team. The Oracle sat down with the two of the three varsity soccer captains to discuss the team’s success and goals for the ongoing season.

How is your season going so far? 

Stella Chuck [SC]: It’s really good. We had a great pre-season and we beat teams we have never beat before in Archer soccer history. So that was fun, and we had our first league game last week and we won, and our second one is tonight. We are very optimistic.

What are your goals as captains for this season? 

Sophie Larbalestier [SL]: I was a captain last year too, and I think every year it is to do as best as we can in games and also to really make sure the team is bonded. Soccer is always a family vibe, it is one of the sports here that really gets close, and so that is always a goal for us captains. We want to make sure everyone feels welcome on the team and like they are a part of something. And to just be positive, always.

What individual roles do each of you play as captains for the team? 

[SC]: I’m a new captain, so I’m coming in for more of a ‘trying to learn perspective’ for when Sophie and Riley are gone. But they’re definitely more leading in the group as captains, but I think all of us try to equally distribute our leadership on the team.

[SL]: And for me personally, I play in the center and I also have a really loud voice so I think that helps. My leadership style is not yelling at people, but getting the team united and if we need to calm down because we are playing too frantically, I like to bring the team together and settle down. But I think we do a good job of separating the duties well.

How would you describe the team’s chemistry this season? 

[SL]: I think it’s great, honestly. I love soccer; it’s my favorite thing ever here. I think the freshmen are awesome. Because they have never been on the team before we want to make sure they are integrate well onto the team. I love everyone on the team, but I think bringing them in is always the most important part, and I think the whole team has done a great job of doing that this year.

What do you wish the student body knew about Archer soccer? 

[SL]: To come to our games. Everyone has been coming to a lot more games this year when we are on campus, and, honestly, we play so much better when everyone is there. It brings up the energy. And we always have a good time.

[SC]: It’s also a very fun sport to watch. In my opinion, it a lot more fun than other sports, but I think that, when people are there and everyone is cheering, it just brings up the team’s energy and we tend to perform better.