Review: Enhypen’s ‘Dimension: Answer’ answered the call to fans


Photo credit: Enhypen's "Dimension: Answer" Promotional Album Poster

Jan. 10 was the release of repackage album “Dimension: Answer.” The album consisted of nine songs from previous album “Dimension: Dilemma” with an addition of two new song.

By Jullie Cach, Staff Reporter

Who knows and loves the K-pop group Enhypen? Me!

I have been a fan of the seven-member boy band since their debut mini album “Border Day: One” in 2019. Enhypen first released their album “Dimension: Dilemma” Oct. 12, and they released the repackaged album “Dimension: Answer” Jan. 10. The overall tone of “Dimension: Answer” is maturer than their previous album, as it includes brighter sounds, melodies and instruments. In addition, there were changes in design and marketing, proving the K-pop band is evolving in a good way.

My favorite song from the album is “Polaroid Love,” which immediately captured my heart, as the charming beat and catchy lines remind me of a love song. Plus, nothing gets better than when band member Jake Sims opens up the start of the song. It reminds me of a warm spring day filled with love and connection. Since Valentine’s Day has already passed, I am sure my friends think I will stop blasting this song. What they do not know is that I will continue to play it year long. Not to mention, it is not just me who is a fan of the song. Recently, on TikTok, fans have created trendy dances to match the catchy beats, words and melody of the song.

Since I was excited for Enhypen’s collaboration with boy band Tomorrow by Together member, rapper and band vocalist Yeon Jun Choi, I kept my eye out for “Blockbuster featuring Yeonjun of Tomorrow by Together.” During the first listen, I felt overwhelmed, as the song began similarly to a rock song. The strong sound and prominent instruments of heavy electric guitars, as well as the bass, caught me off guard because it was a completely different style than any of the other songs on the album. As the song progressed into the pre-chorus, it felt like the beat did not properly sync with the artist’s vocals, but by the time the song reached the actual chorus, the beat began to lower and slow down in comparison to the powerful tone at the beginning. Excited as I was, the contrasting sounds were not for me.

I encountered a similar experience listening to their track “Blessed-Cursed.” I lost interest when the song began with “We go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.” The repetition of the word “go” felt out of place, and the progression of the song was not musically my taste, as I prefer less heavy sounds. My favorite part was the pre-chorus, as the beat came in with less bass and a softer electric guitar. The relatable lyrics of, “Just stop. Don’t tell me what to do … in this curse, I’ll be ok, no pain, no pain,” was my favorite, as it felt like an ode to a teenage song.

In the music video, the contrast between the dark and vibrant colors of the band members’ outfits and background was pleasing to the eyes. I was wary of their typical background sets and the use of a fisheye camera, but I came around because of the connection I felt through the screen. The exaggerated facial expressions and sharp choreography hitting every beat illustrated the song’s power.

A song that did not catch my ear during the first listen was “Attention, please!” It was not until my second listen the song became a favorite. Like “Blessed-Cursed” and “Blockbuster featuring Yeonjun of Tomorrow by Together” this one also used an electric guitar, though not in an overwhelming way. This song reminded me of a school band, as there were various sounds of electric guitars, basses and drums all working together in harmony. Not to mention how it perfectly matched and highlighted each band member’s individual voices all singing in their lower to mid-range voices. I especially loved when singer member Jay Park sang the chorus and perfectly matched the vibe of the song with his charming voice. Additionally, band leader Jungwon Yang, who sang during parts of the chorus, captured my attention with his mesmerizing tone of voice.

Another favorite was “Tamed-Dashed.” I was surprised when the song didn’t start with an electric guitar, but instead with bass after the first beat. The bass was subtle throughout the song, allowing a small number of guitar sounds and other beats to carry the melody. Like “Attention, please!” the song had a similar band style with the components of drums, bass and an electric guitar providing the song with a refreshing sound. The music video’s visuals and aesthetics connected perfectly with the beach and school sets. They provided a youthful vibe, as they highlight vibrant colors to provide a refreshing summer setting.

Lastly, “Just a little bit” was one of their last featured songs. This song began slower compared to the upbeat songs throughout the album. I enjoyed the stylistic choices of featuring a slower song because it provided contrast within the album and made this specific song stand out. My favorite part of the song is the ending, as it highlights the progression of classical instrumental chords. Compared to my other favorites in the album, I don’t listen to this song as often since I prefer more upbeat songs however, it is always nice to switch it up and listen to a calmer song.

In this repackaged album, Enhypen explored new sounds through their music. They showcased various movements through their choreography, interesting angles and film tactics in their music videos. Each individual band member was able to showcase different sides of themselves, while also experimenting with various concepts and sounds in each song.

The album has a variety of sounds, and I assure you, in this album, you can find the right song for you.

Dimension: Answer
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"Dimension: Answer"

Released on Jan. 10, Enhypen’s repackaged album “Dimension: Answer” adds to the storyline from the previous album, “Dimension: Dilemma” however, this time with a maturer tone. The album consists of new sounds such as prominent instruments of heavy electric guitars and bass. “Dimension: Answer” has it all from various movements through their choreography to interesting angles and film tactics in their music videos. With a total tracklist of 11 songs, it gives listeners the perfect song for any occasion.