Salsa Verde kills second annual student, teacher volleyball game


Photo credit: Anika Bhavnani

Stefanie Ferri approaches the net to hit the ball as Kim Smith attempts to block her. The Pink Panthers and Hawt Sawce competed in the final game.

As lunch began, Archer’s sport court filled with a sea of pink, green, red and purple. Students covered in face paint and holding signs rushed the field to support their favorite team.

All of this was in preparation for the second annual student versus faculty volleyball game on Oct. 7 .

English teacher Wendy Deming led her team, Hawt Sawce Dos: Salsa Verde, to victory for the second year consecutive year.

Meg Shirk, Commissioner of Student vs. Faculty Sports, said, “This is perhaps the greatest winning streak of all time,” in an email to the school.

Fitness teacher, Amelia Mathis’ Pink Panthers finished in second place respectively. The red student team, captained by Jenna Marks ’19, and purple team, captained by Stella Smyth ’19, tied for third.

“It was all about supporting the girls on the court and having fun. I lost my voice from cheering so hard,” Cat Oriel ’18, co-captain of the purple team, said. “Even though there were a few controversial calls that may have cost us the game, I was glad my team as able to maintain a positive attitude.”

Student vs. faculty games are arranged by student council and intended to encourage relaxed interaction between students and faculty outside of the classroom, while increasing overall school spirit.

“It was a lot of fun playing against teachers,” Aloha Suto ’19 said. “They were a lot better than I expected them to be.”

The Most Valuable Player [MVP] award went to Marlee Rice, who played on the Pink Panthers. This is the first year that the MVP went to a member of the losing team.

Click on the video to watch a highlight from the final match between Hawt Sauce, in black, and the Pink Panthers, in white.