‘Spirited’, ‘enthusiastic’ middle school soccer team worked on teamwork and goals during their season


Photo credit: Kim Smith

The middle school soccer team plays a game against Crossroads on Jan. 14. The game took place on campus and the team lost.

On the first day of middle school soccer practice, some players had a hard time just kicking the ball, co-captain Elana Mayne (’24) said. By the end of January, the team held a 1-7 overall record in the Pacific Basin League. On Jan. 30, the team lost to  Geffen Academy with a score of 0-6. For these athletes, however, their record wasn’t what their season was about, it was about working toward goals.

Mayne described her team, which is comprised of more than 25 players, as “supportive and hardworking.”

Eighth grader Maia Alvarez said the team’s low win count was because of  “homework or missing practices” but feels that the team she was part of was very “spirited” and “enthusiastic.”

“We all might be on a different skill levels, [but] we all help each other out.” Alvarez said and “Even though we haven’t won that many [games], we to continue to persevere.” 

Nine games into their season, co-captain Elana Mayne describes her team as “supportive and hardworking.”

During a typical practice, the team would run, stretch, pass the ball around and have friendly scrimmages. The team also worked on drills that focus on teamwork. Mayne has personal goals she’s working on, but believes if she improves it will “help other teammates, because we’ll be doing it together.”

Some of the team’s players were also a part of extracurriculars outside of soccer, such as the Winter Concert and theatre. Alvarez believes this is what makes the team “unique.”

“We’re all coming together to form this one team that’s playing for Archer,” Alvarez said. “That just makes it more interesting to play with and it’s a really good team to play with.”

Athletic Director Kim Smith commented on the team members’ positive attitudes and growth mindset.

Alvarez hopes to return to the sport she “loves” next year, but know things will be “different” being on an upper school team.

“I might not be the best player,” Alvarez said, “but I really like the game, being on the field, and shooting a couple goals with my friends.”